You cannot succeed if you quit!

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is hanging on for 5 more minutes – Chambers Stevens (actor, playwright, author and acting coach)

I’ve heard from several of my older acting friends who have been around Hollywood for a while and who are pretty successful that the reason they achieved success over some of their other friends who left Hollywood and went back home is because they stayed.

You cannot succeed if you quit! Not in anything in life. But in our world today many people quit before they give something half of a chance. I’m and actress, singer and ice skater. I started skating when I was 5 and it’s taken me many years of practice and MANY falls to be able to skate like I do today. I didn’t quit when I fell the first time….I cried and I sat down to catch my breath but I didn’t quit. Why would acting be any different?

This weekend Brie Larson won an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role. She said that it took her 20 years to be able to stand on the stage to accept her award. She’s 27 so she started acting as a young girl. In that time she had some wins and lots of losses. Some of the kids that she used to act with moved on from acting….and she didn’t. She kept at it. Working on her craft, going to acting classes, memorizing lines, analyzing scripts, auditioning, getting call backs, booking and working. And today she has one of the biggest trophies you can get sitting on her fireplace mantle (or wherever she put it).

She kept at it, she persevered and she succeeded. Does that mean that everyone who sticks with something will win in the end? Unfortunately, no! BUT I can promise you this….if you quit, you will never get the chance to win that fancy gold statue.

I’ve never thought about quitting….I’ve thought that I could quit if I wanted to and that it would be easy to not have the extra pressure of acting. That I could watch YouTube instead of working on my sides….but that’s not for me. I’m going to give it that extra 5 minutes and I’m going to be successful!

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