It takes Patience and Perseverance

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The last few days I’ve been living my dream. I’m filming at ABC Studios! Filming on a major studio lot has been an acting goal of mine for the last couple of years, and I FINALLY get to check it off my vision board.

So, I’m sitting here on my lunch break and thought I would share some thoughts on acting with you all.

I was lucky enough to book a co-star role on one of ABC’s weeknight comedy sitcom shows! Working at ABC studios is a huge accomplishment mixed with a bit of good luck! The key to get to this wonderful day...patience and perseverance!

I have been working and training very hard for many years. And this is just a first step of what I hope will be many opportunities. When you are a performer of any type it isn’t easy to book any job. There is a lot of competition out there. There are thousands of amazing actors and actresses who are submitted for the same roles. Just getting the audition is considered a huge win. A handful of people are called back from the original auditions and then depending upon the type of job, casting keeps narrowing it down from there. There are a lot of jobs that a handful of really talented people get really close to booking, only to find out that someone else got it. That’s where the patience comes in! You have to realize that your turn will happen eventually, especially if you keep getting close. The perseverance comes in because you can’t give up! ESPECIALLY if you are getting that close…you are too close to the prize to give up. I’ve heard a lot of stories about famous actors who said that their big break came at time that they were just about to give up but didn’t. Can you imagine how many people have given up right before their big break could have happened?

It took me seven years to get to get to today. I signed with my first agent in Arizona just before my 5th birthday. I filmed my first short film the week before I turned 6. When I was 9, I came to LA for the first time. My family traveled back and forth between Arizona and LA for a full year and then moved here so that I could get more training. I finally got my first LA agent when I was 10. I’ve been really lucky to work on many commercial, independent films and pilots but it wasn’t until this summer that I started booking some really big projects.

I’ll be 13 next month! So, how many years did it take me to get to today? How many years of training; of patience; and of perseverance? Over 7 years! That’s more than half my life!!!

I’m so happy to be celebrating some of my biggest successes this Episodic Season. I’ve also had some other good news that I can’t share yet but will be able to soon. I’ve been patient and I’ve persevered and now it’s my time to shine!

Hugs - Lizzie

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