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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

I'm an actress...but did you know that I'm also a singer?

I've been singing since I can remember....from when I was really little and my family had a mini-van. This was back in the day when mini-vans and SUV's first had built in DVD players so that the kids could watch movies in the car. My mom refused to get the DVD player upgrade even though I begged and begged for it. She said that the time we spent in the car could be spent talking as a family and singing. Just what every little kid wants.....NOT! But I suffered through the embarrassment of being the only kid in the neighborhood who didn't watch movies in the car....and we sang....and singing was fun! We were in the car a lot, so we sang a LOT! Every morning on the way to daycare and every night on the way back home from day care. It was a pretty long drive and we did have a lot of CD's, my parents were very good at buying CD's for me (and eventually my little sister) and I was in control of the music selection. Thanks to this early life immersion in car karaoke, I think that I know almost every song from every Disney animated movie....and a fair amount of non-animated movies as well. Feel free to test my knowledge! When I was 4 I sang with one of my mom's friend's band in a local bar. He learned "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid for me. I was a Disney Princess in my own right.

I started taking vocal lessons when I was 8 at a local music school in Scottsdale, Arizona. I performed in a couple of shows with that school too. I branched out from singing Disney soundtracks and moved into country and pop music. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were my idols! This was just the beginning of my musical career though. It was a fun activity and I was pretty good. I was told that I could easily match tone and had a great ear. But I mostly liked singing because it was fun. I could also express myself through my song writing...some of my early original songs are adorably cringe-worthy.

Now that I'm in Hollywood....singing is at a whole new level. I'm glad that I started when I did so that I am able to keep up with the talent here because there is a LOT of INCREDIBLE talent in Hollywood. The bar is set extremely high. I have some slightly older friends who are absolutely amazing singers and I hope that when I'm their age, in just a few short years, I'll be able to achieve what they have achieved....heck, who am I kidding, I'll be happy to achieve half of what they have achieved.

I could look at how far I am from these lofty goals and give up....or I could look at how far I've come from the back seat of my family mini-van. I choose to look at how far I've come and keep reaching for the stars.

I've been singing in Hollywood with my current vocal instructor for 3 years. When I was about 1 year into singing with him, at age twelve, he said that I'd be really amazing by the time I was sixteen. When you're twelve, sixteen seems like a very long time. So perseverance is extremely important in this business. Honestly perseverance is important in any business, sport, or activity. Being talented certainly doesn't hurt but perseverance, patience, hard work and determination are requirements. Also having goals, both short term goals and long term goals help you to navigate the path to success.

So, in addition to acting goals....I have singing goals.

I was very excited to check a BIG singing goal off my vision board during the final week of December 2017. The goal - Professionally Record Two Covers. I did it! I spent the day in the recording studio working on a couple of songs. It was a really amazing experience. Firstly because I've been working towards this goal for a very long time and second because it's the first of hopefully many more recording sessions in 2018 and beyond. Here are my newly recorded covers. I hope that you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed recording them.

Hugs - Lizzie

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