Getting to know Lizzie

I had a homework assignment for one of my acting classes last week where I had to write a paragraph to "sell" myself. Here is what I came up with....the fact that my paragraph turned into a page and a blog shows that I work very hard to always push myself and give a little bit "extra".


I’m not typically one to “sell” myself. I tend to judge myself as being conceded when I show off something I’m proud of, even something as simple as showing off my grades. I know this sounds like the cliché answer of being a hard worker, but I really am. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I always strive to do my best in whatever I am working on towards the ideal of perfection.

I have a very vivid imagination. I like to say it’s a curse as well as a gift. It’s a curse because I can never watch horror movies due to my brain creating scenarios of possible outcomes of me dying the same manner as the characters. It’s a gift because it allows me to create a very detailed backstory, and it’s very easy to find myself in the character. This is important in acting because a good actor has to be able to connect with the character to give an honest performance.

You have to keep your gears moving, or they will rust. This can only be accomplished through work and training. I’m always training, sharpening my tools. I’ve been in weekly acting and singing classes on a regular basis for well over four years. A lot of people don’t take classes as seriously as I do, but that’s one of the most important things as an actor.

I understand the big picture of being on set, its like a big puzzle coming together. Everyone is depending on each other, so it’s always important to be at 100% when its your time to perform. I’m not in this for fame, or fortune, I’m in this business because I love it. This business is about loving what you do, supporting each other, and enjoying the passion and the opportunity to live your dream.

Last but certainly not the least. It’s important to have outlets other than acting. Other outlets can be hobbies, activities, volunteering or other passions. It’s important because as an actor we often hear “no” and if acting is your only pursuit you may feel defeated. There is no one on this planet that can survive hearing “no” over and over again about the one thing that they love. So, having another outlet is important. My other passions are singing and everything to do with science (except for earth science) and losing myself in an amazing book. I also find it to be very important to give back to the community and to help others. School is also very important. I’m an A+ student in advanced classes. You are not getting anywhere in this world without education. My future plans include being a theoretical physicist and a neurologist and a writer and an actress OR playing any of these things on screen.

Thanks for listening. Hope you enjoyed!

Be kind to others - Lizzie

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