Congratulations 2018 Graduates

It's the season of Promotion and Graduation and in honor of all of the amazing people moving upwards and onwards I want to congratulate you all!!

This week I "promoted" from 8th grade at California Connections Academy, which is an amazing on-line school. If you are looking for an on-line school option, I definitely suggest that you check it out.

In 6th grade, I discovered that I was having a hard time balancing my acting schedule and "real" school. At the same time I found that middle school drama was COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL and I was being judged for having interests outside of school. After a lot of research and discussion with my parents, we decided to make a change and move to an on-line school. It was the best decision EVER. Not only did I have a more flexible schedule to accommodate acting but also I found that I was able to really challenge myself academically. In the fall I'm moving back to my local High School with a much stronger academic foundation.

Apparently my hard work was noticed at Connections Academy because they asked me to speak at my promotion. This week I had the honor of speaking to an amazing group of 8th grade kids and my fellow classmates and I’d love to share my speech with you all!

Congratulations everyone! We made it!

8th grade graduation is one of the big milestones of our academic careers and certainly the biggest one before high school. As we’ve grown, our teachers and our parents have placed higher expectations upon us, because they believe in us. Because of these higher expectations we’ve grown to be more responsible. We have challenged ourselves; academically, socially, and sometimes just by trying new things. Now we are ready for the next big adventure.

As we move into our High School years, be bold. Be adventurous. Try new things! And don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Gandhi said, “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” Making mistakes does not equal failure. Everyone stumbles and through our stumbling we learn.

Don’t ever let hearing “no” stop you from achieving your dreams. I’ve come to realize that sometimes hearing “no” isn’t always personal. William McFee was an amazing author who wrote some brilliant sea stories. He once wrote, “If fate means for you to lose… give him a good fight.” I sometimes think that when we hear “no” it’s fate stepping in to challenge us, to make sure we really want what we are going after or to put us on a slightly different path towards our dreams. Lots of things will be difficult in life. The things that we love the most are going to be the most difficult, and we need to fight for what we love.

While we are working towards our future and trying to make it as bright as possible, let me remind you to not forget to enjoy today…every day. Inevitably, there will be both good and difficult times. While the bad times might feel like the world is ending, know that these moments help us to appreciate the good times that much more and help us to prepare for other obstacles. During the good times, celebrate! Enjoy every moment. Don’t rush through life in a hurry to get to the future because if you do, you’ll miss out on a lot.

Finally, I think the most important thing is to be kind. Life is difficult enough without people trying to make it harder for each other. We are all fighting our own battles, and you never know what someone else is going through. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. It isn’t selfish to take time for yourself to make sure you are doing okay. Don’t be critical of others, and as hard as it might be, try not to compare yourself to others. Don’t forget that you are the best gift you can give to this world so be the best version of yourself. As one of my great friends once said, “Your imperfections make you perfect.

Hugs to you all! Have an amazing summer!!!

- Lizzie

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