My Show Choir Life

I discovered my love of performing in front of a camera when I was in Kindergarten! I discovered my 2nd love of singing in 5th grade! This year in 9th grade, I merged these two parts of my life and joined Show Choir!

It's not about the's about the performance, the teamwork and the feeling of accomplishment for a job well done. Congratulations for an amazing competition season to the best choir sisters a show choir girl could ask for.

Glee actually does exist!

I didn't know that show choir was a thing until I first saw Glee when I was in elementary school! When I moved to Burbank, California a few years later I discovered that my new town's High School was the High School where they first filmed Glee. I decided that I was never leaving because joining show choir was something that I was going to have to do! Today, I find myself working closely with some of the most talented and fun people that I could ever hope to work so closely with.

What is Show Choir you ask?

Show Choir a lot of singing and even more dancing..and we're talking complicated choreography! Countless hours of daily and weekly practice is a requirement and teamwork is a must! There are amazing costumes! More specifically multiple amazing costumes, which means quick costume changes in the wings of the stage mid-performance. Show choirs are supported by the most awesome tech crews and accompanied by the most talented musicians! What happens on the stage couldn't happened without the assistance of those behind the stage!! And one cannot forget the choreographers; the musical directors and the people who write the musical arrangements. Roll all of these aspects into one amazing competition set performed in front of huge crowds with high expectations...all while in heels and on risers....and THAT is show choir.

Here is a little snippet from a performance done by my choir earlier this competition season. We continue to tweak our set as we get feedback from the judges after each competition. As with everything in life, you get better with practice so imagine how amazing this set is today after months of hard work by all! Enjoy!



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